Hey friends! I’m Ainsley… if you don’t already know me! Getting right to it-God has called me to South Africa next June!! AHHHH!!! I will be attending Fire and Fragrance YWAM DTS! I am so beyond excited! I believe and have faith that God will provide every step of the way but while im here looking to fund… I thought why not fundraise while sharing some of my passions! I have a huge desire for coffee… sounds like I have a crazy coffee addiction☕️ but I’m talking business. I LOVE working in a coffee shop environment, interacting with people, and making latte art. I wanted to incorporate my dream of expanding that passion by a simple start of a tshirt. Every shirt, sweatshirt, and hoodie is thrifted and personalized by me. Working at coffee shops I have learned that with the many customers I interact with, wearing Christian apparel is so fun because so many people ask about it. SOOO I decided to design some of my own. I wanted to make it fun but I wanted to make room for conversation!

So how do we talk coffee and tshirts? Thrift and Go is all about the personalized design of a tshirt that sends you out to evangelize and tell others about Jesus! Just like a personalized coffee made by your favorite baristas that sends you out on a good day! Every piece of apparel is prayed for and meant to send people out with the message that JESUS IS BETTER! He is the answer! Even if people don’t always ask about your clothes… they see it! Through the tshirts I plan on cultivating a welcoming and intentional atmosphere… just like a good barista does to bless the start of your day with coffee.

All profit will go straight to fund for my mission?thank you for your support?